Natures Child - Amber Bracelet

Amber Anklets & Bracelets for Your Teething Baby

This gorgeous Baltic Amber Anklet / Bracelet for Baby can be safely worn by your bub from any age. It is approximately 14cm long and is available in 2 colour options: cognac (dark honey) and mixed colours. These little designs are versatile essentials that mum, bubs and beyond have come to love across the globe.

Baby amber bracelets have been used to relieve teething pains for thousands of years. Here at Mama & Boo, we’ve updated this ancient wisdom to create our range, complete with each bead individually knotted for safety.

Little ones love our teething anklets and bracelets

The magical mystery of this material was scientifically proven by the discovery that the resin in amber teething jewellery is a natural analgesic, with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Because it’s an item derived from Mother Earth, each product will have variation in bead shape and size, but the total length will always be approximately 13-14 cm.

Nature’s Child recommends that parents should:

  • Supervise your infant when wearing the piece;
  • Remove the jewellery when your child is asleep or unattended;
  • Do not allow your child to chew the jewellery unattended;

This natural accessory is ideal if you love amber but don’t like the idea of a necklace for your baby. We also offer our gorgeous teething necklaces and adorable chewerly pieces for your older kiddos.

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