9 Simple But Clever DIY Baby Teething Hacks

Teething hacks for baby

Is your baby teething? Oh dear, we feel you. It’s a phase all little bubs go through, and it’s never fun – the poor dears. You know the drill – constant irritation, long sleepless nights and one grizzly, fussy baby who doesn’t understand why they’re in pain or what’s going on.

Teething will typically start around the six month mark, and as each little chomper starts to emerge, this process can last up to two years. As your baby starts to gain their milk teeth, each one will take up to a week to fully come through – making for a ‘fun’ week with sore, aching gums in the meantime.

No-one likes to see an unhappy baby. We know how awful it is to sit by and feel helpless while your little one is in distress – but fear not. At Mama & Boo, we have a few clever DIY hacks up our sleeves to help you and bubs get through this trying time.

Teething Hacks to Help Bubs Feel Their Best

If you’re looking for a way to ease your child’s discomfort, help them sleep and put a smile back on their dial, look no further. Here are our top recommended tricks that will help make things easier and your life a little better.

1. Massage your baby’s gums

We know. It’s never easy seeing your little one sad, unhappy and in distress. All you want to do is reach out and take away their pain so you can see that little smiling face again.

Well, there is something you can do. Using your finger, gently massage your baby’s gums or cheeks in a circular motion to provide quick relief to those sore spots. Just be prepared – they might try to chew on your finger! But that’s ok, too – it’s worth it if it gives them some relief.

2. Chilled snacks to suck on

Chilled fruits are the perfect thing to give your child that will provide instant relief. Why not try some chilled banana, grapes or blueberries to chew and suck on?

Icy poles are another idea that can help. Using an icy pole mould, you can freeze purees, smoothies and yogurts into a cool, icy treat that will ease your little one’s discomfort. You’ll just need to sit with bubs and support them while they feed. It’s important, though, to let the icy pole soften a bit – you don’t want your child to chew on anything too frozen or too hard, as this can upset their gums even more.

3. Teething rings

Have a few teething toys at the ready that your child can chew on will ease discomfort, while also providing just the right amount of pressure to sooth their aching gums. It’s a good idea, too, to have a variety of different ones on-hand to keep your child interested and stimulated.

As these will be going into their mouth, it’s important to look for natural, child-safe materials. Avoid anything made with plastic that could contain harmful BPAs or phthalates. Materials like wood, silicone and natural rubber are best. 

We also recommend avoiding liquid-filled rings. While the idea is that these are ideal for freezing, in the past a number of these toys have been pulled from the market as it’s quite easy for them to burst while your child chews on them.

At Mama & Boo, we have a range of teething toys that are non-toxic, child-safe and antibacterial, perfect for your little ones to put in their mouths to chew and suck on. From silicone beads to beechwood rings, all Mama & Boo products have been tested to meet Australian Safety Standards.

The rings are perfect for little hands to grab onto, with an easy grip. We even have adorable little bunny teethers that your child will love. To clean them, simply wipe with a baby wipe or damp cloth and they’re good to go.

4. Frozen toys or a washcloth

This idea is perfect for little ones, and a real failsafe for parents. Take a flannel or washcloth, tie a few knots in it, submerge it in water then wring it out before freezing. This is so easy to do – and gives your child a soft, cool, gentle material for them to suck and chew on.

Putting a silicone or rubber teether into the fridge or freezer so it’s nice and cold is another quick, simple trick that will bring instant relief – or you might try our Freeze Me Teether, available in a variety of fun colours.

5. ‘Chewelry’ and teething bands

While you’re out and about with bubs or nursing the, we have chewable bead necklaces that are perfect for your little one to reach up, play with and chew. This also provides an ideal distraction for them to focus on – and looks pretty stylish on mama, too.

6. Teething biscuits

When your little one hits 8-12 months and is eating solid foods, you can introduce them to teething biscuits. There’s a wide range available to choose from on the market – from biscuits to wafers and crackers. Not only are these great to snack on, but they provide a soothing pressure to the gums. There are also plenty of great recipes available online so you can make your own at home – so why not get busy in the kitchen?

7. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also known to help with better sleep and reduce anxiety – making this ideal to give your baby. Gently dab some onto their gums, give them a few small sips from a spoon, or you can even soak the washcloth we mentioned earlier in some tea to help reduce their discomfort.

8. Warm bath

There are few things more soothing than a nice, warm bath. While this may not directly sooth your little one’s gums, the warm water and bubbles will provide a nice distraction for your baby – while also encouraging a sense of routine, and helping them get ready for sleep.

9. Hugs and cuddles

When your baby is sad and upset, there’s nothing better than a hug from Mum and Dad to make them feel safe and loved, and take their troubles away.

Everything might seem confusing right now – they won’t understand what’s going on, and will have trouble sleeping and eating during this time – but you can remain their constant. Shower them with love and attention til the storms pass – at the end of the day, that’s all any of us ever want when we’re upset or in pain. Remember, this too shall pass.

In the meantime, for all the baby goods and accessories you require, we’ve got you covered with everything you need here at Mama & Boo. Take a look through our collection today. If you need any tips or further advice, we’re here for you, too. Simply get in touch with our friendly customer service team, and we’ll get you sorted with a smile.