BIBS Dummies & Personalised Dummy Clips

Super Cute Personalised Dummy Clips

Designed in Australia, Mama & Boo know that practicality and style are both musts for you and your bub.

Our dummy holding clips are flexible and lightweight and can be attached to the hoop on the back of a dummy, then clipped onto your little one’s clothes. They are designed to prevent from getting lost, falling onto the ground and keeping within easy reach for you and your tot.

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Your bub can be taught to self-soothe by keeping their dummy nearby, then independently deciding to use their easily accessible pacifier.

Our gorgeous, personalised dummy clips are made from high-quality silicone beads with beech hardwood accent beads. These have been finished with Australian certified organic beeswax and olive oil. Whether you’re an occasional dummy user or an avid fan, one of these clips is a must-have attachment for your infant.

Why Dummies are Essential

We know there is an abundance of information (and misinformation) out there regarding dummies, so the Mama & Boo team sat down to put together a list for our readers, mainly to highlight the benefits of their use:
  • Encourages your little one to self-soothe
  • Helps them to settle and sleep during the night
  • Help to hone your newborn’s sucking reflex
  • Discourages them from sucking on their thumb, fingers or even their fist
  • Acts as a transitional object to calm down when scared or in pain
  • Helps on a flight, as suckling balances out ear pressure and reduces discomfort

If these aren’t reason enough to purchase a pacifier clip, we don’t know what is.

Backed by the Pros

These essentials are backed by science.

Research has shown that sucking silicone-based ones have been shown to help reduce infant responses to painful procedures, which has been measured by a reduction in crying. Your baby will have the urge to suck on something, as the sucking reflex that is instigated at birth releases chemicals to reduce stress in babies. Sucking on a dummy also produces saliva, which helps to reduce plaque build-up when your bub starts to grow teeth.

Prior to this, dummy sucking can assist in easing your infant’s pain when he or she is teething, which is gearing them up for some of mummy’s food instead.

For more information on managing the transition to solids, check out our delightful collection of silicone baby bowls and handy feeding spoons.