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The Best Baby Feeding Tools of 2021

Starting your little one on solids can be a difficult process. They’ll usually start to show interest by reaching out for food or opening their mouth when offered a spoon. By around six months of age and not before four months, it's important that they’re well supported when sitting for their meals, with good neck and head control so they can properly tackle what you feed them. (Here comes the aeroplane!) As you start to delve into the world of solids with your little one, with things like mushy peas and mashed pumpkin, there’s a range of baby feeding tools for mealtimes. We have many of the essentials you’ll need to start your little one on solids, some of which...

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9 Simple But Clever DIY Baby Teething Hacks

Is your baby teething? Oh dear, we feel you. It’s a phase all little bubs go through, and it’s never fun – the poor dears. You know the drill – constant irritation, long sleepless nights and one grizzly, fussy baby who doesn’t understand why they’re in pain or what’s going on. Teething will typically start around the six month mark, and as each little chomper starts to emerge, this process can last up to two years. As your baby starts to gain their milk teeth, each one will take up to a week to fully come through – making for a ‘fun’ week with sore, aching gums in the meantime. No-one likes to see an unhappy baby. We know how awful it is to sit by and feel helpless while your little one is in distress – but fear not. At Mama & Boo, we have a few clever DIY hacks up our...

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