Sensory Chew Necklaces, Age 5 +

Sensory Silicone Chew Necklaces for Children Age 5 +

Sometimes children need a little help to self-regulate, soothe or find calm. Sensory chewable necklaces are an ideal solution, providing much-needed relief during this stage of your little one’s development. This jewellery is also often used to assist people of all ages who live with Autism and other disabilities, providing them with a relaxing way to safely nibble on objects for comfort or self-settling. The varying designs aren't limited to the mouth, either, and some people like to use them as a hand fidget.

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Chewable Necklace for Comforting Emotions

When mega emotions threaten to dampen your kids’ day, sensory chewable necklaces are intended to help them independently control or work through their feelings. Rather than damaging their teeth on toys or other random items, or biting their fingers, our specialised pieces are catered to this sole purpose.

We love that your kids can wear these discreetly and securely without anyone knowing it's even a soothing tool. They can confidently have these on hand and use them for oral motor input as they feel necessary.

Fun Designs Made Out of Safe Materials

We have a range of fun and stylish options for the varying different tastes of individuals. For example, our range of shapes includes a beautiful teardrop that any tween or adult would love to wear; as well as a shark, and other sea-themed options.

These shapes engage with the senses in the mouth, lips and tongue as they bite down on the design.

Each product is non-toxic and made out of food-grade silicone that is safe for oral use. Each has been thoroughly tested and is durable; however, their longevity is dependent on how heavily they're used.

Ideal for ages 3+, Mama & Boo is your Australian store for tactile goods for helping calm and self-regulate children during stressful times. We also stock a range of baby dummy clips and other essentials to help you tackle your everyday parenting needs with ease.