Bowl + Spoon set, 2 pack self feeder and Silicone Catch Bib
Bowl + Spoon set, 2 pack self feeder and Silicone Catch Bib
Bowl + Spoon set, 2 pack self feeder and Silicone Catch Bib
Bowl + Spoon set, 2 pack self feeder and Silicone Catch Bib

Bowl + Spoon set, 2 pack self feeder and Silicone Catch Bib

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Baby's First Mealtime set

Moving from milk to solids is an exciting milestone, but let’s face it – it can be quite messy. But we’ve found a way to say farewell to spills and more cleaning time.

Say hello to a baby-friendly collection that has been created to stay suctioned to your table and highchair whilst feeding.

The bundle includes 1 bowl + spoon, 1 bib and a 2 pack self-feeder - Customize to colours of your choice.

Our Suction Bowls Mean No More Messy Mealtimes

Babies are messy. They make a mess without even thinking about it. In fact, it’s one of the things they’re just great at doing.

If bub is fussy when it comes to mealtimes, Mama & Boo have solved your feeding time nightmares. Our collection of silicone bowls and cutlery sets are perfect for the handsy little ones.

Simply suctioning the design to the surface creates a dish that won’t move, allowing your tot to feed without spilling. With a raised lip on one side, these are fantastic for encouraging self-feeding, with the help of the edge to help bub grip their snacks.

Perfect for Little Tums

Made from toxin-free food-grade silicone, there are no BPA or other harmful chemicals in our sets. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe as silicone can withstand extreme temperatures.

Each design comes purposely shaped with one edge curved for easy self-feeding. For the perfect results, wipe and dry your surface, press down on the dish, and allow the suction mechanism to do its thing. Mealtime will never be messy time again (unless you have a thrower).

There’s A Giraffe at The Table!

Our silicone feeding spoon and fork are the ultimate addition to our baby suction bowls. A simple and compact design, Mama & Boo spoon and fork sets are adorable, convenient and, above all, practical.

Shaped like the cutest giraffe you’ll ever have in your kitchen, its head serves as a spoon, perfect for yoghurt, oatmeal, mash and soup, whilst its legs are perfect for picking up fruit, veggies, and small snacks in a safe, non-sharp fork shape.

With a spoon on one end and a blunt, soft fork on the other, these are perfect utensils for little ones learning to feed themselves. Available in single, two, and three packs, stock up for home use, Nana’s house, and on the go.

No more food on the floor!

Silicone bibs with purpose.. catching food destined for the floor! Designed for practicality, lightweight, soft, durable and easy to clean. Wipe them down or throw them in the dishwasher. Made from 100% non toxic silicone and pair perfectly with our silicone Suction Bowl + Spoon sets. No more washing messy cloth bibs, just throw them in the dishwasher.

Babys First Meal Time set includes:

* 1 x Suction Bowl + Spoon set

* 1 x Giraffe fork/spoon set (2 pieces)

* 1 x Silicone Catch Bib  

Total retail value - $68.95


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Kate E

This is the perfect little set for feeding our 11 month old. Beautiful colours and great quality too. Service was fantastic and even received a phone call to say a certain colour was out of stock with a few options to replace it, so lovely. Very happy with our purchase, thank you!